Culture Analysis

Using MQT culturing testing services, you can determine the type(s) of mastitis-causing bacteria infecting your herd, the source and how the infection is contaminating your herd. Additionally, learn what you can do to control the spread of bacteria. These numbers can help you, your veterinarian and field representative work together to improve herd health and mastitis-control measures on the farm.

Going beyond culturing:

Learn about how MQT offers DNA-based PCR testing

Want faster test results to support your mastitis protocols? Frustrated by mastitis cultures showing no growth or contamination? Using a DNA-based testing method can help. MQT offers real-time polymerase chain reaction (rtPCR) mastitis testing services using reagents from Acumen Detection. This method quickly and accurately identifies the presence or absence of DNA oligonucleotides associated with specific mastitis pathogens such as Mycoplasma species, Prototheca species, Staph aureus, Strep uberis, Strep species, Staph species, or Mycoplasma bovis. The benefits of quicker, more specific knowledge can lead to management decisions resulting in higher milk quality and reduced costs associated with mastitis.