Diagnostic Testing with IDEXX Technology

MQT Lab Services is striving to bring you the newest and best technology. Recently, we began using IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test, the first milk-based test for detecting pregnancy as a means of optimizing reproductive efficiency in dairy herds.

The ELISA-format test detects pregnancy-associated glycoproteins to determine pregnancy status, while minimizing animal handling. With a high level of sensitivity and specificity from greater than or equal to 28 days post-breeding and more than 60 days post-calving, we can determine accurate confirmation of open cows in less than 3.5 hours.

The IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test also provides a laboratory based method for the detection of pregnancy in goats greater than or equal to 28 days post-breeding, which can give veterinarians and dairy farmers an important tool for the identification and management of open goats.

Innovative technology through the automated infrared Elisa testing method has allowed MQT Lab to offer more valuable services to you. This testing includes bovine and carpine pregnancy testing, and Johne’s disease (Mpt-Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis) testing. These tests help you save money, time and possibly the lives of your herd.

Pregnancy Testing

Blood samples are collected and tested to detect pregnancy. Pregnancy can usually be detected 28 days after breeding through 60 days after calving. It is important that if an abortion has occurred, to wait at least 7 to 14 days. If tested before 7 to 14 days the possibility of a false positive is much higher.

Johne’s Disease Testing

Johne’s disease is a chronic and highly contagious disease that can be costly. Milk samples or blood samples are collected and tested to detect the disease.